It's more than the weather that's

What happens when four ruggedly sexy cowboys living on separate Hawaiian islands become entangled with the women that will eventually lasso their hearts? The bronco-busting ride to romance for each of these four couples is wrought with hesitations, complications, secrets, half-truths, and lies, but in the end, they discover that it’s more than the weather that’s

Hot in Hawaii.

Book 1

Kona Cowboy Surfer

What happens when a young divorcee from Eastern Oregon decides to pick up and leave everything she's ever loved or known behind and move to Hawaii to start a new life? Beginning a new job and changing her attitude seem fairly easy for Delaney, but falling in love again with a new man?

That's something altogether different, especially since the only man who interests her appears to spend all if his time either surfing or playing his brand of music in a local band. Yet Waylon Slater is so much more than he appears. Will his secret life keep him from starting a new one with Delaney? Or will Delaney's past keep her from accepting all of who this man is and has?

Book 2

Oahu Cowboy SEAL

When Dane McNally is forced to hire a female cook at his equine dude therapy ranch, his life is completely thrown off track. Not only is he feeling trapped by the debt he’s acquired at the ranch, but the feelings of vulnerability the beautiful and talented Ailani Ikaika arouse cause him to doubt his self-worth escalating his anxiety as a more recently disabled veteran SEAL.

Wrestling the ranch's success and his passion for being of service as a veteran is a struggle, but with Ailani’s help, Dane realizes there just might be more to life. Will he and Ailani find love despite their personal demons? And can Dane find the healing he needs so that he may live a life filled with love, joy, and purpose?

Book 3

Kauai Cowboy Senator

Kai Kahananui arrives back on her home island of Kauai to care for her ailing mother, Malia. Cancer has returned with a cruel prognosis, and as Kai confronts her mother’s fading health, she must also confront the turbulent emotions of her past. In the backdrop of this paradise, there’s one name that stirs both anger and love in Kai’s heart: Kevin.

Kevin, the cowboy who once galloped away from their love to chase rodeo dreams, is now at a crossroads in his life. His retirement looms, and he grapples with his identity and culture. But when destiny reunites Kai and Kevin on the shores of their shared history, the winds of change whisper forgiveness.

Amidst grief, pain, passion, and confusion, they must learn to forgive, and perhaps, rediscover a love that has matured as they have. Will Kauai be the backdrop for their second chance at love, or will the waves of the past keep them apart forever?

Book 4

Maui Cowboy Surgeon

The last thing too busy and overtaxed Dr. Austin Makali'i, head of surgery at Maui Island Medical Center, wants to do is mentor a nurse. But Army First Lieutenant Wilhelmina Hendricks is no ordinary woman. Young, bright, and drop dead gorgeous, Willie is a force the all-too-grumpy surgeon must contend with or let go, a difficult choice given that her presence alone compels him to reassess his life and the way he’s been living it.

Willie has her baggage, too. She’s wary of men—and for good reason. In her teen years, she suffered one of the greatest assaults on her ability to trust those who should love and protect her.

Neither Willie nor Austin have been anxious to get to know one other, that is, until serendipity brings them together for a fateful horseback riding tour at Austin’s family ranch. Will these two take a chance on love or will fear from their past stories prevent them from a future together?

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