Salmon Run Series

Salmon Run Series


Salmon Run Series

Salmon Run is a fictitious town situated in the northwest corner of Washington State along the Nooksack River. Under the shadow of Mt. Baker and the Cascades, this area is known for its fishing, logging, ranching, farming and sailing. Just minutes from the Canadian border this town, once peopled exclusively by Dutch dairy farmers and the Lummi and Nooksack peoples, is now home to many different kinds of people from many different walks of life. It is a rich land whose out of doors bequeaths its inhabitants with a special vitality and ruggedness of spirit, making it fertile ground for love and romance.

Love’s Harvest 


After the death of her husband, Julia Reynolds works hard to keep the Nooksack Valley Winery from going under. With the help of her orchard manager, Julia fights against all odds to not only salvage the winery, but keep it out of the hands of those that would see her fail.  In the process Julia not only finds healing for her grieving heart, but deep companionship and scintillating romance as well.

Free My Heart


Full-time rancher and part-time writer Bailey Rodgers never imagines that she will fall in love with a German aristocrat in this most implausible time of her life. Yet, she does—and all because of an international soccer star and a mutual love of horse flesh.

Waiting for You


Charles Anderssohn, president of the First Bank of Salmon Run, is afraid to fall in love, for love ultimately means loss—that is until at his sisters’ double wedding he hits it off with Gabriella Lopez, daughter of one of the workers at the nearby winery. Charles has secretly over the last year been taking ballroom dance lessons in Bellingham and is being pressured to invite someone to the annual ballroom dance class soiree. He finally asks Gabby out and she accepts. Yet at the dance a fight breaks out between Charles and Buzz Curtis, owner of Curtis’s Western Wear, where Gabby works part time. For months she has refused to date Buzz, and in jealous retribution he takes this opportunity to ridicule her past and to put her down for being Mexican. Charles not only stands up for her but  uncharacteristically has no problem at all knocking Buzz off his feet. As a result, however, his secret now is out. No longer can he clandestinely go to his weekly dance class without the entire town of Salmon Run knowing about it. Nor will the town easily forget Charles lost his head over Gabriella Lopez, a woman with a questionable past.

Say Yes to Love

If two people could not be more opposite in their thinking, it would be Italian restaurant owner, Adriana Sabatini, and the Dutch dairy farmer, Jakob Van Buskirk—one a business owner, a democrat and a Catholic, and the other a farmer, a republican and the son of a Dutch Reformed minister. Yet, love has a way of making surprising bedfellows out of the most impossible of couples.


A Perfect Season for Romance

Confirmed bachelor and shipping mogul, Fotis Sotiropoulos, could not believe it when his friends at St. Sofia Church set him up on a blind date with the crabbiest real estate agent in the entire county, Kaliope Papadakis. Each thinking that love had passed them by, they fall victim to fate as romance turns its tables, and they learn that love often comes when one is least expecting it.