Siegerrebe or Madeleine Angevine?

Siegerrebe or Madeleine Angevine?

When doing research for my Salmon Run series, I wanted to know all I could about the best wine crops in Northwest Washington state wineries. Because the weather is mild and the air and soil often wet, the best wines produced are the whites: Madeleine Angevine, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Siegerrebe, and the only red: Pinot Noir. If and when I drink wine I usually choose a red, but in the name of research I took on the task of tasting several different wineries’ contributions to the whites listed. To my surprise they were remarkably tasty and refreshing to the palette. It didn’t take much for me to choose the Siegerrebe as a championship winning wine for the Nooksack Valley Winery and Vineyard, a place where many of the characters from all the novels are employed. The Madeleine Angevine ran a close second, but for reasons that had mostly to do with the wine’s two word name, I chose the Siegerrebe instead.

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