Yay! Chelsea FC

Yay! Chelsea FC

I am a soccer nut! I probably should be in some kind of support group, because I spend an extraordinary amount of time following my favorite teams and players domestically as well as internationally. I don’t play the sport, but I know a heck of a lot about it—formations, plays, strategies, and player bio.

This week the team I call “my team” won the English Premier League title and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Last year they finished tenth in a list of 20 teams. They canned their manager, hired the superbly recognized Antonio Conte as their new coach, and now the rest is history!

This weekend was also the last game at home for John Terry, one of my favorite soccer players of all time. As a center back, he has earned more titles and awards than can be mentioned. He played loyally on the Chelsea FC team for nearly 20 years. I know he will be missed, but what a fabulous way to end an illustrious career! Go Chelsea FC!!!

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