Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls

At least once or twice a year I have the privilege of acting or directing for the stage.  This production of Calendar Girls by Tim Firth I directed runs through the month of February at the Camelot Theatre in Talent, Oregon. The following are my Director’s Notes for the program.


A determined and well -focused group of women can be dangerous for they can change the world! Of course, this is true of anyone, regardless of their gender, but women do it relationally. They believe in and practice the power of community. Somehow they intuitively know that by admitting their own individual vulnerabilities they grow that much stronger when met by like-minded women. They know that strength not weakness is the basis of community.

This is the experience of the ladies of Yorkshire. We watch them as they deal with their own individual unmet dreams and desires, each riding the trajectory of their own agenda, as they gradually meld to form a unified bouquet. This is the basic theme of the play– that we grow more radiant, more beautiful, and more resilient when we work together as community.

I’d especially like to thank the Camelot theatre community—actors, designers, administrators and crew alike—for all their contributions to making this an adventure worth cherishing. We all know that we have joined this life of the theatre because we love plays and live performance. But if the truth were known, what we most truly enjoy is working together as a family at something much larger than only ourselves. And thanks to you, audience members, for you are just as much a part of this community as any one of us. Enjoy!


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