Bossa Nova Brazil Baby!

Bossa Nova Brazil Baby!

I admit that I am a soccer junkie. And nothing makes me prouder of the game and more respectful of the power of the underdog than when I view two teams playing the beautiful game with such skill, poise and teamwork as was exhibited at the final game of the Olympics between Germany and Brazil. Notably Germany is the Goliath, having recently beaten Brazil mercilessly at what was once considered ‘their game’. But now it was Brazil’s turn to atone itself. Granted it came down to the penalty shoot out between the two teams, but that only underscored the incredible expertise the 120 minutes of earlier play. Not a single viewer could honestly say that either team played like a loser, yet one team would win and another other would not.

Even Hollywood could not have written it any better. Each man had his turn until the luck of the draw came down to the 24 year old captain of Brazil’s international team, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. Either he was going to miss the net or be thwarted by Germany’s goalkeeper, lose the game to Germany and the chance for Gold, or he was going to score and give Brazil the much deserved Gold Medal. Talk about tension.

Well, the rest is Olympic Rio history. Neymar scored, the stadium erupted, the city of Rio and the country itself went berserk, and I at home in the comfort of my living room dance the samba as if my life depended on it!

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