Raven Wild and Star Fire

Raven Wild and Star Fire

I grew up watching the few Saturday morning TV shows offered for kids. And invariably they were about a girl and her horse. Fury, My Friend Flicka, and Black Beauty were my reason for living! I begged my mother for horseback riding lessons. And so after months of nagging, she finally relented. We borrowed a pair of jeans from the neighbor boy and cowgirl boots from my cousin. I was set!

That is, until I saw the horses. They freaked me out! On our TV set their heads looked about the size of my big toe, but in real life? Yikes! Their heads were larger than my entire body. I was only six after all. Since then I have never gone near a horse let alone ride one. That is until lately.

My novel Though an Ocean Come Between Us focuses on a young woman rancher who faces the problem of her favorite mare foaling twins. Twins are rare because typically they put not only themselves at risk but the mare as well. Often breeders will early on abort one of the twins so as to make room for the remaining foal.

The research I did for this event captured my imagination as profoundly as my TV programs did when I was a child. As it turns out, some twin births do in fact occur. And not always at the detriment to the mare and her foals.

So I am in love with little ponies once again and am excited to return to horseback riding lessons this summer.

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